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Create Your Now Archive 7 with Kristianne Wargo

Oct 30, 2021

Relationships carry their own tension every day. You want it one way, but your spouse sees it another way. When your spouse does something you don't like, is it a gift or baggage?

How we see things can either unite or divide a household quickly.

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With being the day after Christmas, there is still the magic of the season. And when you think back to the package you opened under the tree, you recall whether it was a gift you really wanted, or more of just another thing, the baggage you didn't really want.
That's how marriage is viewed way too often. Most of the time, we are seeing what our spouse does and characterizing it as a gift or baggage.
It becomes the gift if you benefit from it.
However, if you don't like what it is, then it's now baggage. And no one likes baggage.
Instead of focusing on what is or isn't, see what's possible.

The K.I.S.S. ~ See what's possible!

We can get very single-minded quickly.

I was reminded of this after spending some quality time with my grandson. I must say he is adorable. And right now, everything he does is wonderful. Nothing he does ever could be wrong. 

But at one point in the day, I hear my oldest daughter (his mommy) say, "He is the master manipulator."

We as humans are just that. We want everything our own way. I mean, if we can have what we want, why would you choose differently?

In marriage, you know this to be nearly impossible to be on the same page with your spouse all the time.

So when a moment is a little rocky, see what's possible.

  1. Step into your spouse's shoes. You may be surprised when you look at the moment from their perspective.
  2. Be receptive to what's not yours. We can become very dominant beings; claiming everything as our own. But in reality. your spouse may have a better idea. And that's okay! Don't become so possessive over things that in the long run, really don't matter.
  3. Admire the gift, not the baggage. If you get hung up on what isn't right all the time in your eyes, you will be missing so many blessings. When you look at things with the eyes that bring sparkle to your heart, your temperament changes. You're not so quick to judge, yell, or disagree just because you didn't think of it first.

Life is too precious to get swallowed up by judgment, harsh temperaments, and "I'm always right".

Remember, you are a team going through life together. If you are willing to hold things from the perspective of a gift, the baggage that you won't let go of will become less of a distraction and disruption in your marriage.

Cherish your spouse.

"Be present. Be incredible. Be YOU!!!"


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